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Thursday, June 22, 2006

NY Most Polite City ? KL 3rd Rudest City in the World?

Selective reporting by it's own media, I say!

The average Americans in cities such as New York are known the world over to be the originators of foul speech and rude behaviour and they themselves disagree with the Readers Digest recent poll as to the rudest cities on the planet as shown by the Discussion column in Yahoo News today!

I am not saying that Americans at large are rude but based upon the years of exposure to the American media onslaught upon the world and seeing the crude behaviours of the world's youths today aping the decadent lifestyles being pushed upon the ever impressionable youngsters of this planet trying to out American each other in their manners and 'lifestyles'!

I'd say that this is a lame excuse for Readers Digest to boost it's circulation and to champion America's image when it is reviled from every corner of the world for its terrorising the planet under the George W.Bush Jr's imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the world!

If they are so polite in New York, then all those rising crimes in the 'Big Apple' must be pure fiction, being reported by the worldwide media.

People in New York are known to be the victims of robberies, muggings, hold ups, assaults, rapes, pickpocketed, etc. A crime takes place within every few minutes in New York.
Even fellow American tourists are victims as shown here!

The reason people walk so fast in the streets of New York is because they are afraid of getting mugged and most avoid eye contact with others on the streets of the 'Rotten Apple' , I hear from my friends and relatives who have been there and from the newspaper reports from the USA itself.

To say, Kuala Lumpur is 3rd rudest city on the planet is simply a biased view from those who choose to look for the negative angles instead of really coming to terms that rudeness exists in all people all over the world!

If one is unfortunate to run into the rude persons anywhere in the world, then it is not right to assume that the particular location where one encountered such bozos is a lousy place and that city or village is full of rude persons!

I say it depends on circumstances. The Americans themselves lambast the notion that New York is the most polite city in the world as we can see in the Discussion column in Yahoo News!

Look for the Discuss link at the bottom of the page and click on it to read the discussions on it!

Based on the chart here, we can see that the crime rates in NY are dropping but it reflects that NY is not exactly free from crime due to the citizens there becoming more polite!

New York is mostly made up of people coming to live and work there from all parts of America.

Tourists make up a large number of people who are in the city at any given time. Those Readers Digest 'undercover reporters' are just looking at the scenario with a biased view that everything's 'A okay' with the place because they didn't run into the actual New York residents living in the Bronx or New York's infamous ghettos!

Maybe I am just being cruel myself for 'believing' CNN, NY Times, etc and making up my slanted opinion that New York is just another Rotten apple not worth the accolades being dished out to it by its own 'Pollyanna' grandmother's feel good magazine!

To read a foreign news report that the city where I am currently living in as being the 3rd rudest city on the planet just peeves me up.

Maybe it is true that KLites are not the best folks of Malaysia and that they are stuck up's thinking that they own the country and drive on the highways as if they own the bloody roads or are superior to the rest of the people of Malaysia!

Driving with a KL number plate and zooming past the other more sedately driven vehicles on the numerous highways of the Malaysian peninsular reflects the bloated ego's of the KLites who don't give a damn about the local pakcik or makcik cruising along in their Proton Saga's or Kancils on the North South highways might give weight to the notion of KL not being reflective of Malaysia's claiming to be 'Truly Asia', Land of Smiling Folks, etc.

To be on the realistic side, it is a bit true that Malaysians nowadays are not exactly Tourism Department propaganda material.

Most Malaysians who drive on the highways do tend to be rude, toss out rubbish onto the highways and roads without a second thought!

Smokers do flick off their cigarette butts without a care!

Many Malaysian motorists do litter the roads!

Just take a look at the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway! Based on my own experience living in the island republic and travelling to and fro from Singapore to JB!

The Singapore half of the Causeway is spick and span and looks cleaner because it is constantly being washed and swept regularly and not a tiny piece of rubbish can be seen on the road.

Singapore has the best sanitation system and workers in this part of Asia! It's a 100% true!

It's different on the Malaysian side of the Causeway! Cigarette butts, empty cans, etc litter the side of our causeway! It's due to the Malaysian 'tidak apa' attitude!

If asked about their littering habit, most Malaysians try to 'smart mouth' by saying that if they didn't litter, the sweepers of Alam Flora or any other sanitation contractor will have nothing to do!!!

Just visit any of the hawker centres, markets, food courts in KL and the rest of the country and what do you see? Rubbish, filth , wastes just disposed off at the back of their unhygienic stalls or dumped indiscriminately as they please!

It gives me the shudders to think about the local stallholders and foodsellers lousy attitudes when it comes to matters of cleanliness and hygiene! You really need to be aware of that matter!

The local government enforcement officers don't do their jobs and even the DBKL @ Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur employees are infamous for slacking in their duties!

They only seem to come alive when the local YB or VIP is scheduled to visit the place! Hordes of the DBKL workers then turn up in their lorries and start to spruce up the filth laden places!

Hypocrites and 'drama swasta' actors who try to portray the false image of keeping up to their roles in taking care of the places they are paid to keep clean!

Maybe I need to accept that KLites are not really all that rosy as I and many others are led to believe by all the local media propaganda! Maybe it is true that people in KL ought to be labelled as such by the foreign magazine.

Wonder what the Readers Digest of Malaysia has to say about this 'branding' of the nation's capital city folks?

Do you agree? KL folks the 3rd rudest on the planet?

Damn!..There goes the Tourism Malaysia's imagebuilding efforts all these years! :P