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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Najib's Sugar Shortage Remedy-Increase Prices!

The present sugar shortage is not only deemed preposterous but a wanton criminal act of artificially inducing a sugar price increase by unscrupulous traders and saboteurs.

As always, the government is so bloody quick to threaten another round of price increases of such an important commodity that we can't do without!

Malaysia produces sugar and exports it to the world. Why are the citizens being screwed like this? We end up paying more for what?

I just can't understand what bloody logic is this Najib talking about in wanting to burden us the citizens of this nation by wanting to add further misery to us all by increasing the price of sugar?

For someone who was born into a life of luxury like him, maybe he doesn't know how it is for the common folks of this nation already burdened by the BN @ Barang Naik Govt.'s drastic fuel price hike recently!

Now Mr.Najib wants to screw the Malaysian people with higher costs of sugar when we had nothing to do with this artificially induced shortage!

The media exposes cases where tonnes of sugar are being hidden in warehouses and smuggled out of the country to Thailand and Indonesia.

Instead of throwing the bloody smugglers and hoarders into the slammer, what does our future Prime Minister come up with?

"Naikkan harga! Kita hendak tengok pendapat orang ramai!" What utter stupidity is this?

Does one punish the innocents (Malaysian citizens) for the crimes of the smugglers and hoarders? He should be looking out for us but instead threatens to make life harder for us all!

My God! I really fear for the day when the fellow takes over from Mr.Elegantly Silent!

Fellow countrymen, we are screwed! Fend for yourselves. It's downhill all the way from now on!

I can now understand meiteoh's fears concerning this BN champion in raising prices turn to rule Malaysia! Talk about blasting the sheep for the crimes of the wolves!

Haiya!!! Susah lah ini macam! Wa besay kong liao. Ane kuan eh lang pun 'u' ma?

Must we pay more for the actions of the smugglers and sugar hoarders?

What do you think?